How To Turn An Employment Rejection Into A Golden Second Chance

There are 5 steps to social networking online. The Internet is a vast surface area of space where you can do the unimaginable and process a network, which can be unlimited. Everyday, new online networking Internet site seems to pop out from nowhere. It is the most popular hobby or maybe because everyone suddenly desires to connect with everyone else. Whatever the reasons, at the close of the day it is fun to be a piece of an online social networking site. There are online communities of interests like MySpace, Facebook and Friendster that can help you connect with individuals in the identical industry for business or help you find new friends to meet for chitchatting or dating. The signing up part is quite simple though once in a while you would need an invitation from somebody who is already a member there. Once you have signed up, there would be no limits. You can connect with anyone, anyplace, any time.

Things to Avoid

You can do many things at a social networking Internet site such as Facebook. You can talk about politics or sport, date online, play games, talk to people, PM people, watch videos, write blogs, etc. However, your first step should be to make or create a profile with your personal data and make it catchy enough for people to add you. There are a few things, 5 in general that you should know about when dealing with Social networking websites online, having a profile, contacting people or having them contact you

1. If you have a profile, remember it is your page and your choice. The best advice is to not jump the gun so to speak. Chances are you will receive hundreds of friend requests your first day. This doesn't mean you have to accept every single person. Use your own personal filter. If you want guys, get all guys. If you want all girls, get all girls. If you have a friend request from someone you don't feel comfortable adding, don't add them. Remember this is what's great about being online, these people can't see you. Don't be "scared" to deny friend requests!

2. Your profile is ultimately you "book cover". Since these people can't see you, it's a good idea to make your profile as close to the real you as possible. What are your likes and dislikes? What are your hobbies? Who would you like to meet?

3. The face-to-face picture: Sometimes, friendships online move to a higher level and might require a face-to-face meeting over coffee. In such a scenario, it is important that you know what you want from the meeting. This will make your life easier. Also, be sure to be smart. Don't just go and meet people right away. It's a good idea to get to know them before hand! Hey, I'm all for social network sites, but I'm also for safety. And it's better to be safe than sorry!

4. Give to get: Help is a universal word often associated with kindness. So be ready to help people if you can. If tomorrow you help someone get a job, then the chances are that the person you helped might help you back.

5. If someone gives you problems, harasses you, threatens you, sends you a virus, etc, it's a good idea to contact customer service. In most cases they won't contact you back with a personalized reply, but they will either warn the person or just delete them altogether. Just know, if you need help, help is there!

Other than the topics noted above, have fun, get to know the site, I can almost guarantee you are going to get addicted pretty darn quick, everyone does! The more time you spend on the site the more things you will find to do, more options to choose from and the more people you will meet!

“Who wants to know about the best way to lose?” one of my opinionated relatives barked over New Year’s dinner.
I tried not to roll my eyes as he passed the dish of macaroni and cheese.
“Not everyone gets hired for a job,” I said, careful to keep a steady tone. “It’s just a way of turning a negative into something more positive.”
“Like this gravy does for this tough beef?” he asked, in a not so quiet voice. I purposely avoided looking at our host, who I’m pretty sure was fuming. I decided that next time, I’d offer to sit at the kiddie table.
Okay, so my rude, big-mouthed relative had a point. It’s true-no one really wants to think about what to do if they’re turned down for a job. We only want to keep our heads high, stay confident, and fantasize about those morning Starbucks runs we’ll make after being hired.
Only thing is, that doesn’t always happen. It’s just the reality of it. Hundreds of people apply for one position, and for every one position, of course, only one person can be hired. Several top candidates may be selected and interviewed, but again, the cold reality is that only one person gets the job.
So if you’re one of those top interview candidates that the company seemed to love, but who still wasn’t hired, don’t go kicking your furniture or weeping into your sleeves. Life isn’t over-in fact, there’s a great way to turn this rejection into a fighting second chance.
Here’s what you can do: type out your own response to this rejection. Make it a simple, clean, professional response. Don’t let spite or even a shred of sarcasm creep into your letter, hinting at how they missed out on a great thing by not hiring you. Okay, so of course they did, but let’s not get dirty-remember, we’re creating a second chance here.
So here’s what you can say in your letter, words that can ultimately get you that job you want most:
a)Tell the hiring manager, or whoever you spoke with in person, how you truly appreciate the time they took to interview you, and be sure to thank them for this:
and that you took such valuable time out of your schedule to meet with me.
b)Tell this person that you hope you’ll be kept in mind for any future openings/positions that may arise:
c) Wish their company the best of luck, and mention something positive that recently happened, like a new acquisition, a rise in sales-something that benefit the company. Why? It’s a reminder of your strong interest in the company, simply because you’re aware of what’s going on.
This post-rejection letter will get your name & written voice in front of them once again, which increases your chances of being remembered even more. Believe me, this can only work in your favor. How? Just consider these possibilities:
The candidate that the company decided to hire may decline the company’s offer of employment and choose another…
After working at this company for a while, the hired candidate may decide that the position isn’t exactly what they wanted, and they may quit, with or without notice…
For whatever reason, the company may see that the hired candidate isn’t all they thought he/she would be, and will let this person go.
Either way it may work out, each possibility is a golden fighting chance for you. Your cleanly displayed professionalism in your post-rejection letter will only help to keep you in mind if this position opens up again. And you never know, that could happen even sooner than you might think.
So stay positive! The end could be the beginning!

Three Things You Need to Know About Job Search In Difficult Times

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How about the last time you purchased an ebook about

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OK, that's more like it. It's all about the end result

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Try reading the headline (both main heading and sub-heading).

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Carry a journal and quickly write down each event with it's

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IF you follow this exercise, you'll not only be amazed at what you

come up with for "normal" daily communication, you will have

started down the path of thinking like the highest achieving

business people of all time. Not bad for a week's effort?

If you want to be successful in searching for a job in these difficult economic times there are three key things you need to be doing. They are each to do with marketing yourself and include your resume, networking and your pitch. I will explain each of these in this article and how you can use these to rise to the top of the list. Remember this is all about You.
A resume is the most important document in your bag of goodies. As you work to get your information into the hands of Hiring Managers put yourself in their shoes. What are they looking for? Does your resume stand out? It must portray you as someone who can add value to the organization from day one. You are limited to a short period of time when a Recruiter reads your resume and you must take advantage of every second to make an impression. Make sure you have the right keywords in your resume. Once you have completed the resume then you can move on.
It is often said that Networking is the key to finding a job and in my time as an Outplacement consultant I can confirm that to be true. Well over 85% of all my clients find their next position through a friend of a friend, or an alumni group, or through another organization that they belong to. Never dismiss a contact because you think they will not know the right people. I could tell you any number of stories that would prove you wrong. Network, Network and Network and if that fails start Networking.
We are not intrinsically comfortable with Networking, asking other people for help, or in this case
we think shows weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth, great strength is required to contact someone you have never met and ask them for advice that could help you in the transition. Get to it!!
Our final item is
, the answer to the question
These are both great questions when you understand what the interviewer is looking for. The interviewer is looking to hear about you strengths, abilities and skills and how they will benefit the organization. They are not looking to know when you last had a vacation (unless it is pertinent to the position) but they do want to hear what you did at what job that is relevant to them.
Practice a standard version of this in front of the bathroom mirror, when you have an interview research the company and the position and focus your pitch at the requirements.
The three steps we have discussed follow a logical pattern, prepare the resume that will get you in the door for an interview, network like crazy to extend your reach when it comes to finding opportunities and lastly practice the 90 second drill that will allow you to demonstrate very quickly that you can deliver the goods.
Be successful and do not give up!

Preparing For Your Job Search

In the recent case of Kettle v Ministry of Defence [2007] concerned the written particulars of a contract of service. The claimant in the case was an experienced dental and orthodontic specialist. In December of 2000, she responded to an advertisement which was posted in the British Dental Journal by the employer.

The advertisement sought a 'part-time civilian orthodontic specialist practitioner' required to work for up to six sessions per week. The position was salaried, and the work was to be performed at dental practices owned and operated by the employer. The claimant was interviewed for the position, and was later informed that her application had been successful. On the 25th of January 2001, she was sent a number of documents. The documents included an invitation to tender, and a form of contract.

She duly signed and returned the invitation to tender, and on the 23rd of February, the employer sent her a form of contract for the provision of 'consultant orthodontic services'. The claimant, who became concerned that the documentation did not accurately reflect her situation, explained her concerns to the employer. She was informed that the contract was simply the standard form documentation required by the employer. It was explained to her that every employee in her capacity received the same document.

On that basis, she therefore duly signed and returned the contract. The contract referred to the claimant as 'the contractor', and provided the following:

§ A right for the claimant to engage sub-contractors to fulfil her obligations;

§ An obligation upon the claimant to provide and maintain an organisation capable of fulfilling her duties under the contract; and

§ That the claimant was to indemnify the employer against any actions arising from the negligence of the claimant or that of her subcontractors.

The claimant began to work for the employer, operating six sessions per week at the employer's clinics as required. The employer provided her with patients and a uniform to wear, although she paid her own income tax and national insurance contributions. On the 22nd of June 2005, the claimant's work was terminated abruptly.

Following the presentation of a complaint before the employment tribunal by the claimant, an issue arose as to whether she had in fact been an employee of the employer at all. The employer alleged that she had been categorised as a contractor. Eventually, the tribunal concluded that she had been an employee. In reaching that conclusion, the tribunal examined the facts and circumstances surrounding the contract between the claimant and the employer, including the following:

§ The terms of the original advertisement;

§ The provision of equipment and a uniform;

§ The provision of patient lists; and

§ The fact that the employee was responsible to a higher authority within the employer.

The employer appealed against the initial employment tribunal decision.

The employer submitted that the tribunal had erred in looking outside of the four corners of the contract. It was submitted that having examined the surrounding factors and circumstances of contract, the tribunal's conclusions on the issue of whether the claimant had been an employee were perverse. The appeal was dismissed by the Employment Appeals Tribunal ("EAT"):-

§ Where an employment tribunal found that it had not been the intention of the parties that all the terms of their contract should be contained in the contractual documentation, the tribunal was entitled to consider the surrounding facts and circumstances to try to determine whether the relationship between the parties had been that of employer and employee

§ In this case, the tribunal had not expressly concluded that the parties had not intended that all the terms of their contract should be contained within the contractual documentation. Despite that fact, it was held that that omission had not been fatal to its conclusions.

§ Therefore, it was right to consider the surrounding facts and circumstances.

Secondly, in assessing the surrounding facts and circumstances, the tribunal had not taken into account any irrelevant factors and had addressed all relevant factors. The EAT held that the relevant factors for consideration included:

§ The fact that the claimant was responsible to a higher authority within the employer;

§ The fact that the claimant was responsible for the payment of her own tax and national assistance;

§ The terms of the original advertisement;

§ The fact that the claimant was interviewed for the position; and

§ The fact that the employer gave the claimant reassurances in relation to the initial concerns she raised regarding the contractual documentation.

In those circumstances, it was held that the tribunal's conclusions had not been perverse.

If you require further information please contact us at

or Visit

© RT COOPERS, 2007. This Briefing Note does not provide a comprehensive or complete statement of the law relating to the issues discussed nor does it constitute legal advice. It is intended only to highlight general issues. Specialist legal advice should always be sought in relation to particular circumstances.

There are a variety of things that people need to do when they are ready to do a job search. The challenge is that most people don’t prepare ahead of time and they are using the same old and tired techniques.
In today’s world employers are looking for people who can show how they can help the company. They want to know how your expertise and education can improve their bottom line.
What many people don’t realize is that you have to put time and energy into a job search. It’s not something that will happen overnight but if you work at it you can find the exact job you want.
Here are a few tips to help you in preparing for your job search:
Do Your Research
If you are preparing for a new career, changing careers or looking for work for the first time it is important to do research about the types of jobs that are available. It is a good idea to go online and just look at careers. There are several career sites that explain what a career is, how it works, what people do in it and so forth. You will need to understand the jobs that are available before you find one you want.
Write Down Your Skills And Abilities
A very important skill is to know your strengths and abilities. You should also know your accomplishments to date. Employers are looking for employees who have accomplished something on their other jobs or in their college courses.
If you can show your strengths in your job search you can have a better interview. This information translates into your competencies that the employer will be looking for when they read your resume and ask for an interview.
Write a Solid Resume
Although most people would argue that your résumé is what gets you a job, this is not true. Your resume is only there to get you to an interview; after the interview it is a moot point. Do not listen to people who say you have to do an old fashioned resume that looks like a grocery list of places you’ve been and names your job.
Instead, employers want to know your accomplishments. As an example, a sales job would want to know how much you’ve sold in the past. A detective agency would want to know how many cases you successfully solved.
Your resume is your first impression. It should be clean, neat, and free of typo errors and on a crisp white or off-white paper.
Always write a cover letter
You can compose cover letters ahead of time but the most important aspect of this document is to create a snapshot of your resume. Each time you do a cover letter, look at the job posting. Write your cover letter to show how you have accomplished the requirements of the job posting. This will get you into the interview fast because most people do not follow this step.

Job Search Methods For 2011!

Have you joined the paid online survey game yet? Many have and are generating useful extra income however, taking part in a paid online survey isn't as cut and dried as it may sound. There are a number of factors you'll need to consider before completing your initial survey.

Getting paid to take a survey may be hard to comprehend for a lot of people and you may be wondering why marketing companies fork out thousands and thousands of dollars for people's opinions. It's simple. Data collected can save a company a fortune in marketing revenue and product production. Paying for consumer opinion literally guarantees honest answers as opposed to free surveys where people will often rush a survey with false answers just to get it out of the way.

Here is a checklist of questions you should consider before joining a survey provider. Remember, not all providers are created equal with some unscrupulous operators sole motive being to gain people's personal details.

Paid Online Survey Checklist

1. Be wary of application fees. In fact be wary of websites who ask for a fee to add your name to their data base.

2. Read carefully the terms and conditions and that your not signing over personal details.

3. Check the company's contact details and if there are none, give it a miss. You'll preferably want a phone contact number along with an email address.

4. Be clear about payment terms. Know exactly how much you are being paid and when. Avoid having to pay a percentage of your fees to the survey provider who in all probability is being well paid by the company which has requested the survey.

5. You need to be clear about disclosing personal information. If it looks or sounds suspicious then move on. Your details could be on sold to other companies with the result being an inbox full of spam.

6. You'll want to clarify how many surveys you'll receive each month and how payment will take place.

The above information is designed for inexperienced survey takers. A great place to get questions answered is via online forums. Those involved in forums are usually seasoned campaigners who have gone through a lot of trial and error. Just do a search online for survey forums. You will in all probability be required to join but there won't be a fee involved.

Another good starting point is to concentrate on established marketing research companies such as Greenfield Survey Online. Once you have gained some experience in the paid online survey business you'll be a lot more savvy about what to look for when you want to broaden your horizons.

It is a brand new year and there are still a lot of people out of a job. Maybe it is time you stopped banging your head against a brick wall and tried something new. Maybe even a top online home business. Here are a few other methods you can use to start the new year with a bang.
One: Set some New Year goals and do them. Everyone has new year resolutions, and at least 80% never keep them. This year set goals instead, of making resolutions. Even better than goals, make a plan, it is much easier to have a plan and stick to it than it is a goal or a resolution.
Make your plan to search online for a job a little longer each day. Or to start reading books to gain more knowledge rather than watching television. Have someone hold you accountable for finishing your plan each week, this will help build your self confidence.
Two: If you flat-out can not find a job in the field of your expertise, look for something else. What a perfect time to go back to school, or get an online education, you are already unemployed with nothing else to do. There is government funding and other types of funds out there for, out of job seekers.
There are also a lot of programs where you can earn while you learn. Our company has an online educational university where you can learn how to market a product, a service or even yourself. Learning how to market yourself is a sure way to get ahead of your competition in the corporate world, or in the top online home business world.
Three: You need a good reputation. Believe it or not, when you apply for a job the company will do a search for your name online. Even some online home business companies have an application for you to fill out to see if you qualify.
When they search for your name, it is much better that they find out information about you being an expert in your field rather than just Christmas pictures on Facebook. Have a good profile on Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter, it really does matter. This is an online information age and you want people to see that are a leader in your industry. Having professional content on these sites really will make a difference if you get the job or if someone else will.
Four: Set up a website or a blog. You may wonder what a website or a blog has anything to do with getting a job, but like I said, this is an online world. It takes only about eight dollars to get a domain name and about three dollars a month to have your website or blog hosted.
By using word press you can have one set up in no time and it is real easy to use. If you have yourself a blog and start putting up posts everyday, you may even have an owner of a company find you. You can also interact with other blog owners and find a job that way. A blog is like word of mouth in the off-line world.
Five: Learn how to sell yourself. If you are a modest person, this may be a hard one. Just think of what expertise you have to offer, what accomplishments you have had throughout the years. Be prepared when you are asked, Why should I hire you?, or Why do you think this business is right for you?
Always keep your head high and answer every question with honesty. At the end of the interview, always leave your name and phone number or better yet your website or blog for them to look at. If you do not hear back in a few days, then call them.
Six: No matter how hard it may get, always keep a positive attitude. Forget all the struggles you may have had in the old year, remember this is a brand new year. You need to start out with a brand new attitude.
If you do not get the job you have been after, then try something new, try a new skill, a new job search method. Re-evaluate your life of where you have been to where you want to be right now. Make this new year your best ever!
Zig Ziglar Quoted: “This I know beyond any reasonable doubt. Regardless of what you are doing, if you pump long enough, hard enough, and enthusiastically enough, sooner or later the effort will bring forth the reward.”
Never give up, Make 2011 your Year for Success!

Generic Cover Letter

One of the most popular search terms that people look up in the search engines are "online job opportunities" or "make money from the Internet". This is particularly prevalent now that the economic crisis in the country has reached what it seems to be its peak. More and more people of all ages are seeking part time work from the Internet to help make ends meet, or to deal with the problem of unemployment due to recession.

If you are angling for a part time work-at-home opportunity, there is a great number of these part time internet jobs that can be found online. Whether you are a retiree, out-of-work, a stay-at-home parent, or a teenager looking to make some extra cash, there are many online jobs available just waiting for the right person to apply for them.

One thing you need to be careful about are scams. With the great number of opportunities on the web, there are an equal number of unscrupulous individuals or companies who promise work, but don't make good on the pay. There are also sites which require a monthly fee for you to be able to work. Steer clear of these job "opportunities" as they may be scams in disguise.

People of all ages will be able to find lucrative employment prospects, such as filling up forms, answering surveys, joining affiliate marketing programs, or offering services as a freelancer. These job opportunities are rife on the Internet, and it will be up to you to do your research in order to find the best and legitimate ones.

If you are looking for something easy, online surveys are the way to go. This is especially true if you enjoy giving your opinion about products and services. You can also sign up to review websites for money, writing short reviews and getting paid for you opinion. Other easy part time Internet jobs include completing free offers or writing a book reviews for online bookstores.

A cover letter is as easy to come by as going to “Google”, or some other search engine, and typing in “sample cover letter”. There are thousands upon thousands of options out there ready to have information plugged into the appropriate spots and sent out. However, a cover letter like this is generic. The definition of generic is: characteristic of or relating to a class or group of things; not specific. Not specific indeed, that doesn’t tell us much. Let’s look at a couple synonyms– general, common, nonspecific, no-name. Those aren’t very flattering words are they? That is exactly the type of impression a generic cover letter gives. It is a big flashing neon sign that the applicant is generic. It also says to the hiring manager that if the applicant cannot manage to do the work needed to create a personalized cover letter, perhaps they are not committed to doing any work whatsoever.
The key to landing a job interview, and most likely the position, is writing a clear, concise, and attention-grabbing cover letter. A cover letter should make a statement about the applicant, about their qualifications and skills, and about their enthusiasm about their job. It should say everything in as few of a words as possible. This is where generic cover letters fall short, as well. Generic cover letters use basic, rudimentary words which do not keep the reader’s attention or invoke any sort of feeling in them. Writing a cover letter is very much like writing a store in that it has to be compelling, and the word choice is extremely important.
A cover letter is meant to sell one’s expertise and abilities in order to land a job position. By using a generic cover letter, none of an applicant’s own personality or passion is included. The applicant may as well be a robot for all the hiring manager could know. Company’s aren’t looking to hire robots though, and generic cover letters just are not made to fit the job. Company’s are looking to hire real people, with real experience, and real drive which they will throw behind the company. Therefore, a personalized cover letter which conveys these things are the only way to ensure a job interview.
In the thousands of sites mentioned earlier, every one of them will make promises of how their cover letter is a guaranteed way to get an interview. Some of the sites may even promise that their cover letter is so personalized that it will be just like it was written by you. However, that’s just not true. Generic cover letters, no matter how “personalized” the site claim, have a completely different feel than truly personal cover letters. Everyone has different job skills, flaws and strengths, and experience and it is impossible for one generic cover letter to cover all possible angles. Don’t fall for the gimmick, and remember the same type of sales pitch which even makes people consider using a generic cover letter is the same type of pitch one needs to use when selling themselves to a potential employer.
What this all boils down to is, take the time to write a cover letter for each particular job. Yes, this is going to be a more involved process but the rewards are going to be greater. Instead of needing to send out one hundred resumes with generic cover letters, there will only be a need to circulate a select number of personalized cover letters. This will allow the ability to choose the perfect job and encourage one to get excited about the potential of the position. It is not about quantity, it is about quality. In general, for every one hundred cover letters one sends out, they will only receive a response to ten percent. This does not mean the response will be favorable either. Between the option of sending out one hundred generic cover letters, with the return response of ten percent, or twenty personalized cover letters with the return response of thirty percent, which seems like the best method? Additionally, with the latter option, the responses are going to be favorable at least half the time.
Don’t fall into the rut of using a generic cover letter. Strive to create a personalized one catered to the specific job you are applying for and see how easy job searching can really be.

What to Do After Job Termination

When it comes to careers for women, it was normally stability that was given precedence over salary. Over the last decade, with better education and opportunities, women have started coming out of the preoccupation of family carer and home management and instead are choosing more high paying jobs that don't provide the previous stability yet give them the satisfaction of both career and a higher income.

There has been a gradual shift from the traditional careers for women like nurse, dental assistant, etc to non-traditional and alternative posts like general practitioners, dentists, etc. This is a welcome change for women and society in general. When we talk about the best paying careers for women today, we easily notice that the field of medicine is dominating the charts.

o The latest to add in this category is the job of anaesthesiologists. They are the ones who give anaesthesia to patients pre-surgery to render them unconscious during the surgery. This involves proper understanding of the patient's body and the various risks it faces when a particular anaesthetic is given. This is one of the top paying jobs in the market today.

o The role of an internist often goes unnoticed by most of us. They are the ones who provide non-surgical treatment to the internal organs of the patients when they are inflicted with disease. This is a wonderful profession and internists are renowned for taking home healthy salaries every month.

o One field of medicine has almost always been held by women and why not! It is the post of a gynaecologist. A gynaecologist is a special stream of doctors who handle the diseases related to the reproductive organs of women and childbirth. This is a very important job and women have played a massively important role. No wonder such an important job is paid so well.

o It is time women stopped limiting themselves to dental assistants and instead become a dentist. Apart from dentists being one of the best paid people in the industry, like medical doctors they hold highly respected, responsible positions in society.

o If you try to step aside from the field of medicine and consider other alternatives, you will find there are other equally fulfilling jobs for women. A teacher is one of them. Being a teacher has been a rewarding career for many women both in terms of satisfaction and income (in most locations). In fact, the constant contact with bright minds can be very enriching just on its own.

o Human resources in larger firms is another attractive field where women dominate and earn a good pay package. The human resources department of a company handle the employee welfare, recruitment, social activities, etc. In short, it handles everything that concerns the 'people' side of the company.

o The Fashion industry has always attracted women. But apart from being just a skinny model gracing the ramp, women can also hold many other posts that are equally or much more rewarding. Fashion designers, make-up artists, event managers, etc. have amazing take home salaries that can turn a top model turn green with envy!

o The post of financial advisor may be quite a risky job as it involves giving advice on the financial matters of people, but it is a high paying job precisely for that. Women who are good in finance and are comfortable giving advice can have the experience of their lifetime in this career as it is a highly interesting job. People are known to earn enormous amounts once they become established in this field.

The list given above is only indicative. There are many fields like sales, psychiatry, analysis etc. that are also rewarding.

Well, no matter what job you want, they almost always involve some basic qualifications. Traditional jobs which women used to hold required little educational requirements in many cases. However, all the high paying jobs usually require proper, formal education as they are most often more complex. Most require degree qualifications and in the case of a career in medicine, it's usually a tough five to six years medical degree plus some internship.

Education may seem costly sometimes and you may be tempted to slip back and settle for a low paying job. However, that decision of yours can help you lose a lifetime of comfort and satisfaction. There are scores of educational loans that are being offered to students. You can always pay it back over time after you get those dream jobs.

Finally, some research is all it takes and you can even jump on line at your local library (usually for free) if you don't have a computer of your own yet!

No job lasts forever and for some, the sour taste and deflated feeling of getting fired may occur once or even more than once in a lifetime. This event may or may not have been of his or her doing. Dealing with a job termination doesn’t have to be your fault; you may have exhibited a personality clash with your supervisor, manager, or head employer. A merger or downsizing might have been the cause of your job loss. Perhaps, you never found a niche within the business and weren’t performing to company standards. Sometimes, you simply made a mistake that was large enough to cause the termination of your job. Whatever the act or circumstances, there are plenty of things to consider once you lose your job.
Dealing With the Loss of Your Job
The way you have conducted your affairs prior to your job termination will make a heap of difference. For some individuals, a reasonable nest egg or tucked-away savings may help them survive until new employment can be found. For others, they are strapped for cash and more stressed out. The first thing to do after job termination is to exhale and breathe deeply. You should take a short amount of time to relax because the event is nearly 100% irreversible, meaning you need to focus on the next steps to take. You should keep a positive attitude because the dark cloud of the termination will only slow you down from moving on.
Was It Justified?
Before you fully lay the circumstances of your job termination to rest, you should know that experts in the field state that at least 250,000 employees are fired each year upon illegal or unjustified circumstances. Determining whether or not you fit into this category could help make your future plans clearer. If you think you were dealt with unfairly, you should gain the assistance and advice of another (preferably a lawyer). For some, this means obtaining access to unemployment benefits or additional compensation. The state unemployment office can also help.
Dealing With Resumes and Cover Letters
As you move on from a job termination, you should continue to present yourself in the best light when conducting a job search. In your resume or cover letters, it is not necessary to make mention of your termination. Your cover letter should mostly focus on basic information. The only time you should reveal the reason for leaving your last job is when you are asked.
Handling Applications
As you fill out job applications, you shouldn’t add negative aspects pertaining to your job history (such as a job termination), but it is important to remain honest and refrain from lying. Almost always, this act will lead to mistrust and disaster when your background has been checked, eventually revealing your job termination. If an application specifically asks for the reason for leaving your previous job, you should use terms, such as “job ended,’ “position ended,” or “terminated.”
When Interviewing
During a live interview, one of the most frequently asked questions is why you no longer work at your last job. Some job experts recommend to beat the interviewer to the punch and volunteer the information before the question is even asked, which may allow you to move on quicker from the subject. Brevity and honesty is the key to focus on when dealing with this subject. To deflect the negativity of the situation, you could offer a lesson that you learned from the experience or how the circumstances benefited you as a worker.
Practicing your answers for questions dealing with job termination will go a long way. The more you become comfortable with answering questions on the subject, the better your responses during interviews will become. It is important to keep in mind that lying will never serve a greater purpose. Most companies make sure they check references and investigate background details. The subject of a job termination is most likely to come up when contacting former employers.
Moving On
No matter how hurt you may feel from a job termination or how traumatic the circumstances, moving on from the situation will only make finding a new place of employment an easier journey. The best reaction to losing a job is to evaluate the condition in which the event took place so that the same dealings do not take place when you secure a new job. When interviewing and filling out applications, concentrate on the positive points and skills you have to offer a new company, business, or office. This will help you to better sell yourself to a potential employer.

Internet Pyramid Schemes Are Abundant Online

Today, everyone knows that it's relatively easy to pretend to be someone else on the internet. While this is normally considered a mild annoyance, it can also be a serious issue. This is never more true than when dealing with internet scammers. In many internet scams, individuals pretend to be someone they're not in order to get people to divulge sensitive information. This can lead to fraud, identity theft, and many other incredibly undesirable situations. Simply put, internet scammers can be a big problem. But, by being diligent about who you give information to, and using a reverse email lookup, it's easier to catch a scammer in the act than you might think.

The first trick to being able to catch a scammer is to use common sense and diligence. If you receive any email asking you to divulge personal information, such as account numbers or passwords, you should be highly suspicious. The fact is that many emails that make such requests are sent by scammers who are trying to take advantage of you in one way or another. In general, it's probably a good idea to err on the side of caution, and avoid giving out personal data in almost every situation. But of course, not all emails you receive are from scammers. If you receive an email that you're not sure about, checking online through a reverse email lookup can be a great way to catch a scammer in the act.

Catching a scammer through a reverse email lookup is actually easier than you might think. All you need to do to double check on the legitimacy of an email is to run the email address through a reverse email lookup. This way, you can find out accurate facts about who owns that email address. This means that you can identify scammer emails that appear to come from somewhere very different than they claim. By comparing the email address you enter against a database with millions of different addresses, reverse email lookups can quickly and easily identify the owner of a huge number of email addresses. This not only means that you can avoid scammers, but that you can also find out more about them. You can then share this information with friends and family to help them avoid being tricked as well.

So by combining vigilance with the ability to

, you can eliminate most of the risk of being duped by an internet scammer. Plus, should you ever need to learn about the owner of an email address for some other reason, you'll know exactly where to go and what to do.

Are you a candidate for working at home on your computer? You might just be, but there are some hot issues you need to understand first. Not all companies or job sites have legitimate offers. This has become a hot topic as more people have become frustrated after finding out you have to pay so much money to work online. The advertisements in your email box tend to arrive quickly, but the money just never appears. One thing many are unaware of is that you never should pay to work online. You are supposed to be paid for work you do.
One issue that never seems to go away is the pyramid schemes. If you receive an email to join a program free and earn money from your down line, this sounds like the easiest way to make money. In all reality, it is a nightmare. You have to sign up and then “upgrade to a status member” by buying the product in question, whether you want it or not. After that, you are told you can make money from those under you, but only if they in turn buy the product as well. Now the pyramid scheme is taking place.
Therefore, to make twenty dollars, you may have to spend sixty dollars. There is no guarantee that someone under you is going to buy the product. You could wait until the pyramid scheme falls apart and learn a valuable lesson, or you could stay away and look for a more legitimate way to make money. The companies that pay for work done are on the Internet, you just have to know where to look and how to tell if they are legitimate. A legitimate company already has people working for them and has a good standing on the Internet as far as people experiences with the particular company.
There are many websites that offer opinions and advice for working at home and these websites or forums as they are called, offer some valuable information about specific companies and there reputation. A few years back, you may remember hearing about pyramids schemes and other types of moneymaking ideas. If everyone can make money then why are there so many people losing money on these types of pyramids? The answer is quite simple, who has money to buy sixty dollars worth of product that you will never use to make a few dollars.
Therefore, people may be hooked into signing up because the advertisement does not tell you that you have to buy something in order to make money. After you sign up, they continue to send you emails, telling you that someone else has joined under you, “upgrade now” to start making money. Well, in order to upgrade, you are going to have to buy that product and take a chance that someone else will feel the same way. In many cases, you are going to find out that you were the only one to do it.
After waiting to make money, you will give up and be out the sixty dollars for a product you never used. If people would just understand that pyramid schemes only benefit the original product owner, then maybe it would be easier to find real work at home jobs. The Internet would then become a place to find work at home jobs without the need to investigate before applying or signing up for anything.

Angie’s List – How To Find Local Contractors

Finding jobs for a 15 or 16 year old can be tough, but there are online jobs available that a teenager can allow a teenager to instantly start earning money. Whether its to have some extra spending money for the weekend, or to help contribute to the family during tough financial times, there's plenty of ways to earn really good money online, and fast.

What's great about online jobs for 15 year old and 16 year olds is that many of them pay immediately for your work. You can do the work at home, at school, or anywhere you have an internet connection, and you can work whenever you like.

This is much different than the past when teenagers had to mow lawns or show up to work at specific times in order to make money. But now online jobs for 15 and 16 year olds are so abundant that some teens are finding they're making more money than their parents, and they're doing it in their part time.


One of the easiest ways to start making money when your a teenager is to get paid for your opinion. A lot of companies are interested in what teenagers think about their products, what clothes they buy, what music they listen to, and what movies they see. These companies pay a lot of money for this research and will pay you anywhere from $5 - $50 for giving your opinion, with the possibility of earning $250 or more in a single day.

By signing up for one of these sites for free, an online job for 15 and 16 year olds can be obtained immediately. There's no need to "get hired." Just fill out and submit as many questionnaires as you like, when you like. The money you earn will then be sent to your PayPal account, or you can wait for a check to arrive in the mail if you have the patience. But this is by far the easiest and fastest way for a teenager to start earning a really good income.

Angie’s List is among the premiere sites around assisting consumers to connect with many professionals that they may need. Apart from finding lawyers, doctors and various other professionals, the website enables users to find local contractors. What to expect when you are using this website?
For starters, you will discover that over one million registered users take advantage of the website often and provide helpful feedback about local contractors. This web site is easy and simple to use. There are a number of options on the main page, which includes a quick tour feature to help new users become familiar with how the site works. There is a certified data selection process on this site for accuracy and practicality when it comes to reviews in every listing; support from live call center; assistance if anything goes wrong with contractors and in contrast to several other review websites, there are no anonymous reviews on the site.
This service is the ideal solution for individuals looking for a professional, whether or not it’s a plumber to fix a leaky faucet or even a general contractor for home improvement projects, because of the site’s community and reliable customer support.
Easy and simple to use
Support when problems arise in the course of any project
Live call center service
Paid membership ensures accurate details for contractors
Reliable, accurate reviews and feedback for contractors supplied by real customers
Paid membership will be required to view the listings
Business owners are not allowed to add their businesses
For-profit business
Even though business owners may be miffed because they are unable to add a listing or review for their own company on Angie’s List, they have to understand that this is not the objective of the website. This site was designed to enable consumers to publish bad and good experiences. Whilst the paid membership may be an unexpected cost for many users, it leads to beneficial information and they will be able to pay for its overtime.
Users are able to rate their own experiences, find the best service for their requirements and do this without having to be worried about getting paid advertisements. Although this may be a setback for companies, it will help to guarantee that all reviews are accurate.
Final remark:
Nearly all users discover that it’s simple to use Angie’s List, once the preliminary signup is over. But, remember that to use the website you have to sign up for one of the membership options.

Blank Resume Form Free – Create Professional Resumes Easily

Lots of people look for jobs at the same time. Each one of them wants to have the best job available and this is the reason why there is a great amount of competition in the job market. You might be aware of online job search which has become quite popular these days.

There are certain websites which offer you with the list of jobs. You just need to check out the job description match it with your profile and apply for the job. When you read the description you will find the skill, knowledge as well as the experience required for the job is given.

You need to make sure that the qualification required for the job matches with your profile. There are people who are new to the job market while there are others who look for the online job postings because they want a career change.

Whichever job you choose you must make sure that it helps to build your career in the right ways. Always start with the entry level jobs because they help you to learn the work as well as gain some quality experience.

But there are few people who believe in certain myths about seeking jobs online. First of all they have a misconception that the resumes should be long and include lots of information. They think that a big resume is one of the sure shot ways to attract the attention of the employers.

This is not true. It is always important to make sure that your resume is not more than 3 pages. The other popular myth about online job search is that the more popular websites are the best choices.

But this too is not always true. There are lots of fresher who do not have an idea and believe in this myth. They make this mistake and join the popular sites which might be of no use.

So it is very important to make sure that you perform a good amount of research before creating an account with the online job search websites. It is also very much essential to learn about the company in advance before you apply for the job in that company.

There are people who just apply for as many jobs as they can because they feel that applying for more jobs would mean more interview calls. But it is always important to maintain a quality of the applied jobs.

There are so many online job search engines these days that it can be quite confusing to select the best. Therefore you do not have any other way out than performing a good research. If you are going for a career change then you must be looking for something more prospective and flourishing.

Online job search can be made easy if you select the websites which provide a list of jobs related to your field. This will help you save your time as well as toil. First get rid of all the myths about job seeking.

If you are attempting to get a new job that’s different from what you are accustomed to, you might prefer to consider a free printable resume which you will be able to adopt and modify with your own information. These sorts of files are like resume templates which you are able to download to your PC’s hard drive and after that alter to reflect your own qualifications, skills and experience.
You will be able to download several blank resume forms if you take the time to search them. The thing about a blank resume form is that you’ll have to revise it in order for it to reflect your own education and experience. You do not want to send out a generic template that has information on it which are not your own!
The good thing about a free blank resume is that you will be able to use it as a guideline to create your own resume. All you need to do is modify the information that’s already included and then you are set up to go. Applying for a job isn’t the simplest thing to do. Having a resume which genuinely reflects your talents and abilities could be the difference between getting an interview and not getting an interview.
While you’re attempting to find a job, among the best tools you will be able to have at your disposal is a free printable resume. Not all people are savvy at crafting a resume which would get the attention of a personnel manager. If you have a sample resume to compare with, you will be able to get a head start on the contention since you possess the expertise of a professional who has spent the time to include a free-of-cost printable resume on the web for you to use.
Your resume says a great deal about you, who you are, and what you’re capable of doing. If you have a free printable resume to compare with, there is a chance of including all the important information about yourself that you may not have thought about otherwise. So make the best of the tools which are out there and use them to your benefit.

Employment Law – Constructive Dismissal – Procedure – Complaint Handling – Employment Act 2002

Are you discussing a no employment verification home loan with your mortgage broker? If so, you need to know whether your situation is good for a loan like this or not. There are some situation where a loan can be done this way, but it is not in the best interest of the owner of the home. Read on to discover whether your situation is good or bad for this loan.

The first situation is a good situation for a no employment verification home loan. This would be a situation where you are self employed and cannot show proper document to prove that the business is your or that it makes you the income you really make. This is the most common situation for a no employment verification type of loan.

The second situation is one that you should avoid this type of loan at all costs in. If you have been working at the same place for over 2 years, then not verifying your employment is silly. Any mortgage broker that tells you otherwise is infatuated with the commission that your loan would bring them and is not thinking in your best interest. Drop the mortgage broker and the loan immediately.

The last situation is another good situation to not prove your employment in. If you are a tipped employee like a bartender, server, hair salon worker, or any other tipped employee, then not verifying your employment might be the only way you can get a loan. Plus you probably don't claim the bulk of your tips so your income is going to be higher than what you can show on paper so this is your type of loan.

Now you know a few good situations and one bad situation when it comes to a no employment verification home loan. Watch out for shady mortgage brokers that are just after a hefty commission and make sure you are getting a loan that will benefit you in the long run.

The case of Plummer v DMC Business Machines Plc [2007], began when an employee had a dispute with one of his colleagues. The employer initiated disciplinary proceedings which resulted in both men receiving final written warnings. The employee subsequently resigned and wrote a letter to the employer complaining that he was unhappy with the way the employer had handled the events leading up to his resignation.
The employee initiated proceedings for constructive dismissal and won. The employer appealed. The following issues then arose:
§ Whether or not the tribunal had the jurisdiction to hear the claim due to the fact that the employee had not lodged a grievance in writing pursuant to s.32(2) and para.6 of Schedule 2 of the Employment Act 2002.
§ Whether or not the employer had been obliged to raise the issue of non-compliance with s.32(2) in order to activate the provisions in s.32(6).
According to s.32(6)(b) of the Employment Act 2002, a tribunal is prevented from considering a complaint where s.32(2) has not been complied with, but only if the tribunal is satisfied that the breach was brought to their attention by the employer raising the issue of non-compliance with s.32(2).
The appeal was dismissed:-
§ In order to satisfy para.6 (and 9) of Schedule 2, the written statement of the grievance need not have been formal nor elaborate. It did however have to make it clear to the employer what the compliant was about.
§ In this case, it was held that the letter which was written was apt to cover the complaint. Even though the letter made no specific reference to the disciplinary procedure, it was held that it was clearly what the employee was referring to, as there was not anything else which the employer had done which could have been the subject of the employee’s letter.
§ For this reason the employee had just scraped over the bar outlined in para.6.
§ It was held that in order to activate the provisions in s.32(6) (which if activated would prevent the tribunal from considering a complaint which is in breach of s.32(2)), an employer was required to plead explicitly that there had been non-compliance of those provisions. Whilst the issue of non-compliance could potentially be met by the employer raising the issue in an amendment, once the hearing had proceeded on the basis that the matters in question had been properly pleaded by the employee, the onus was on the employer to seek to amend to raise the issue of non-compliance if they wished to invoke s 32(6) of the 2002 Act.
§ This is what had happened in the instant case, namely that the hearing had proceeded on the basis that the matters had properly been pleaded by the employee.
§ The employer had failed to seek to amend to raise the issue of non-compliance and it followed that the employer had not raised the issue of non-compliance in accordance with s.32(6)(b).
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Comment: This is an employment decision, which raises the issues of an employee bringing a grievance and the procedures that have to be followed both by the employee and employer, especially when the case is brought before an employment tribunal.
© RT COOPERS, 2007. This Briefing Note does not provide a comprehensive or complete statement of the law relating to the issues discussed nor does it constitute legal advice. It is intended only to highlight general issues. Specialist legal advice should always be sought in relation to particular circumstances.